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                              Self-powered MEMS-NEMS

      The complete and independent self-powered MEMS/NEMS is composed of nanogenerators, power management module, energy storage, micro/nano actuators/sensors, and communication interface circuits. The goal of self-powered MEMS/NEMS is to collect and convert a variety of mechanical energy into electricity. Through effective power management and storage, the micro/nano devices can be supplied with power. The self-powered MEMS/NEMS is a multifunctional micro/nano integrated system and equipment, including energy collection, management, storage, sensing, and wireless data transmission, with advantages of miniaturization, intelligence and integration.       The self-powered MEMS/NEMS can be placed in various parts of the human body such as elbow pads, knee pads, clothes and soles, and collect human kinetic energy in low-frequency daily activities such as joint bending, dressing, walking, etc. The portable commercial electronics can be continuously powered. It is expected for applications in wearable electronics and real-time health monitoring, in which the power can be completely from human activities. In addition, the self-powered MEMS/NEMS can be used to collect environmental mechanical energy such as wind, vibration, waves, and raindrops, for short-term and intermittent wireless sensing and data transmission.       It can be used in distributed wireless sensor networks, in which the nodes are completely powered by surrounding environmental mechanical energy. It is expected to provide a complete micro-energy solution for infrastructure monitoring, environmental monitoring and the wide application of the Internet of Things.